Animal Rights Activists Express Grievances over the Use of Electric Collars

Several animal rights activists and several canine lovers have expressed their frustrations over the use of electric collars. They stress that this approach to dog training is very brutal and should not be allowed by everyone.

How Bad Is the Electric Collar?

The electric collar which is also known as the e-collar is an approach to dog training. It goes to prove that the use of force and aggression can ensure dogs exhibit the right behavior.

When this collar is worn on the dog’s neck and set in motion, it releases somewhere around 6000 electric volts. Some also release toxic chemicals in the bid to get the dog in order.

While some users have proven that the product helps ensure that the dog does your bidding, animal rights activists are not satisfied. They claim that the product engages a brutal approach which is wrong and should be avoided.

One of the concerned activists was emotional when she said “do you apply torture when dealing with your kids simply because it helps them do your bidding? How about you see it from an emotional and psychological stance”.

Another activist reportedly said “canines are emotional beings just as humans. For instance, they can experience PTSD Just as humans can. So, products made with the intent of helping out with dog training have to factor this in. The Use of E-collars under any circumstance is very wrong and should be avoided”.

Accusations at Policy Makers and YouTube

Some of the major players that have been heavily accused of their role in promoting or allowing the use of these products are lawmakers and YouTube.

A certain activist explained that “the government is very inconsiderate towards animal rights by allowing the sale and use of these products. The powers that be in Scotland and England promised to take the right actions from 2018 and have failed to do this”.

Other than accusations leveled at policymakers, YouTube also has attacks come their way. This is considering how it has allowed videos of the use of this product on its platform.