How do I search for or offer carpooling?

Carpooling is a new solution that consists of using a single vehicle to make a trip together with one or more passengers. It is a more modern and organized version of hitchhiking, because in addition to all its advantages, it allows to share the costs of the road in a fair way and to anticipate. In this article, you will discover the different ways to offer or search for carpooling and the precautions to take for a serene carpooling.

How do I offer or search for carpooling?

On the one hand, to offer carpooling, you can use matchmaking platforms like Waze, the platform whose Rapha Cohen is the CPO. Simply offer your carpooling service according to the number of places noted on the registration card and set the price after entering your point of departure and destination. It is also possible to find carpooling through a mobile application. Just read the ad text, the conditions and agree on the price set before. On the other hand, you can offer your neighbors and colleagues to carpool together if you take the same route with them. In this case, you can decide together on the costs of shared roads if it is a single person the driver or you can establish a schedule for a lap of vehicle. It is also possible to go through a non-commercial intermediary.

What are the precautions to take to make a carpool go well?

For a carpool to go well, it is important that carpoolers are certain of their trips and do not cancel it at the last moment. This could have an impact on the agenda of others. Whether it is the driver or the passengers, they must be on time so as not to delay. Similarly, carpoolers should not be afraid to meet other people, because even if it is a platform that has put them in touch, the latter ensures their safety to gain credibility.