How to install a mirror in the bathroom?

As practical as it is aesthetic, the mirror remains an essential element for a bathroom. Moreover, its installation is not at all complicated. But it does require a little knowledge. Find out more about this knowledge here.

Prepare the material

To start your installation, you must first have the necessary materials. For this purpose, the mirror choir is imperative for you. There are several shapes and you can choose one according to your taste while taking into account the decoration of your bathroom. For more details, check here. In addition, once you have chosen your mirror, you still have other choices to make. Indeed, you will be faced with several types of hooks from which you are invited to choose your preference. In addition to the two choices made above, you should have a few items at your disposal, namely a glove, a screwdriver, a ruler and a hammer, which will help you in your work.

Fix the wall brackets

At this level, you need to be a little more careful. So in order to fix the brackets, take the dimensions of the mirror. Mark them on the wall with a pencil and then start your fixing. But if your wall is tiled, don't drill into the tiles; it could damage them. Drill the hole at the tile joint, making sure that the measurements of the mirror are respected. Also the mirror should be placed so that everyone in the house can use it. Therefore, it should be placed 20cm away from the sink.

The electrical connection

The electrical connection is essential if there is light near the mirror. Otherwise it is not necessary. Then please make sure that the mirror light is always functional during the installation or just try to turn it on from time to time so that you don't have to dismantle everything afterwards.

Placing your mirror

Install the mirror on the previously attached brackets and tighten them emetically with a screwdriver.