Japan Is Reliving Negative Memories from the Fukushima Disaster

This time 10 years ago saw Japan experienced one of the darkest moments in its history. This is not about the release of the Atomic bomb by the United States but an earthquake that caused irreparable damage structurally and to human lives. 10 years down the line the Asian nation is holding a memorial in various parts of the country.

How Much has been Lost ?

It may have been 10 years ago, but the negative memories are still fresh. For one, the location of Futaba that was greatly hit is still not completely recovered.

Many parts of the location still prove that the city suffered that quantum of disaster 10 years ago. The intensity of the natural disaster was further complicated by the fact that a nuclear plant was hit. The damage to this nuclear plant and the negative effects is one of the worst of its kind in world history.

One of the survivors recalled how some of them survived. She explained that “it was a living hell. We had to stay safe in a very congested high-rise building. However, we had issues with food, water, proper sanitation, and every other basic amenity. Worse still was the fact that we were emotionally dead”.

Another survivor said that “life has never been the same regardless of where we go. We just cannot remove the pathetic memories of 10 years ago from our minds. The thought of a city that will never recover, lives that were lost, and the continuous trauma”.

Japan’s Effort to Rebuild

In all fairness, the Japanese government has spent and done a lot to return the city of Futaba to its former glory.

In the bid to do this, the policymakers have endorsed over 300 billion dollars to sort out repairs and reconstruction of the location. However, even 300 million dollars cannot do everything.

In the wake of the upcoming memorial service, farmers around the Futaba area are complaining about the government’s decision to release one of the large water storages meant to cool the once functioning nuclear plant.