United Nations in Need of 4 Billion to Resolve Critical Situation in Yemen

Various concerned member nations of the United Nations and humanitarians are very concerned about the pathetic situation in Yemen. Recent reports explain that the United Nations needs somewhere around 4 billion dollars to resolve the situation in Yemen.

What will the Needed Funds Resolve?

Should the United Nations be able to raise such a large amount of money, the funds will be channeled towards the restoration of a sane society in Yemen.

In the last 6 years, this Middle Eastern nation has been the center of a heated war between the Saudi-led coalition forces and Houthis. The resultant effects have been a society on the brink of collapse. This is considering the rate at which civilians in the territory are malnourished and starving.

Of late, a humanitarian that was carrying out voluntary work in the region explained that the world has to act swiftly in saving innocent Yemenis from going into extinction. 

Plan on Ground

As regards the situation, the need for conflicting parties to call it a day has been what concerned parties are clamoring for. Despite efforts at ensuring that this is the case, the Saudi-led coalition was reported to have carried out airstrikes of late.

The unfortunate thing is how there are many civilian casualties as a result of these military attacks. Reports also indicate that the Saudi Authorities have refused to make comments or give explanations for the attack.

To ensure that the situation does not escalate further, the United States president went as far as tagging the Houthis as a non-terrorist group. However, this has not worked considering the latest military attack by the Saudi-led coalition.

In explaining the fate of Yemenis getting the needed foreign aid, an international relations expert had this to say:

“The global economic state in the aftermath of the serious COVID-19 pandemic has put the world in a difficult position to help Yemen. For instance, nations like the United States will have risen to the occasion some years ago. However, things are a lot difficult and different now. However, the world must still help despite the many global odds faced”.