What services does Calimero Consulting offer?

When you have a company and you want to make a digital migration, you need to call on an expert. And it turns out that there is a company that can help you with this task. It is Calimero consulting, created by Eric Minoli. This company offers you good services for your digital migration. Read this article to find out about their services.

Vision realization services 

In order to make a migration to digital, you can only call on an expert in the field. Indeed, in the career of Eric Minoli, creator of the company Calimero consulting, he has had to do a lot of work for the good of all. This company, which is in his charge, offers very good services in the migration to digital. This is what makes your company more productive. Thus, you have the service of vision realization. Thanks to Eric Minoli's company, you can easily achieve your vision because the main objective of this company is to accompany you in the realization of your vision and your dreams. You can therefore achieve your goals thanks to a strategic plan implemented by the latter. This includes process engineering, strategic project management, management planning and even effective communication. With these services, you will have a top-notch digital transformation.

Technology adoption and business transformation services

Apart from the realisation of your vision, there are other services that Calimero consulting offers you. You have technology adoption, which allows you to take advantage of all the technologies and data that are necessary and important for the growth of your business. This includes technology gap analysis, use case development and more. Also, you have the business transformation department. With this service, the company acts considerably like a business coach. It is in this way that it validly guides you through the entire process.